UW Extension Releases Agriculture and Natural Resources Podcast

The University of Wyoming Extension recently released a new podcast dedicated to sharing agriculture and natural resource information, titled “From The Cowboy State”.

Makayla Getz, Park County agriculture and natural resources educator, is the host and creator of the new podcast. Each episode is an interview with other UW Extension agriculture and natural resource educators from across the state. “I have a lot of great colleagues that have been more than happy to jump in and help me get this off the ground,” says Getz.

An illustration of a gold microphone against a brown background. Around the microphone, text reads "From the Cowboy State". Below the microphone, UW Extension's logo is displayed above pause, play, skip icons. To either side of the UW Extension logo are patterns that look like audio waves.Getz decided to create the podcast after receiving feedback from local producers. Many producers marked podcasts as a preferred way of receiving information about agricultural innovations. Getz says, “If I can reach those people via podcast, that’s just another way of getting communication out that we cannot ignore.”

The first episode covered agricultural grants. Micah Most, agriculture and natural resources educator from Johnson County, highlighted the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Farmer Rancher Grant Program, which can provide up to $25,000 for producers interested in exploring new practices. In the second episode, Getz hosted guest speaker Rob Ziegler, UW livestock production and marketing specialist, who discussed how producers can take advantage of current market conditions and trends in the beef industry.

The third episode will be published on Friday, July 12. Hailey Sorg, outdoor recreation, tourism, and hospitality Extension educator, will talk about agritourism across Wyoming.

Podcast episodes are published every other Friday and are available on Spotify and anywhere else podcasts are found. To see episode links, social media pages, and transcripts, visit www.bit.ly/cowboy-pod.

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