Students revive ag-based communication organization at UW

An agriculture-based organization at the University of Wyoming aims to effectively communicate the importance of the field to its members and public, according to the group.

Sophia Fahleson, an agricultural communications major, said her passion for agriculture led her to take over leadership of the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow. The COVID-19 pandemic had caused the group to languish.

“Agriculture affects everything, whether people realize it or not. The clothes you are wearing right now came from a factory that used materials delivered from farms,” said Fahleson of Lincoln, Neb. “Agriculture is the base of everything, which is why I joined this organization. I want people to know how important it really is.”

Fahleson said there has been negativity surrounding agriculture over the past several years, mostly derived from misinformation or lack of information. The group wants to raise awareness, so people become more knowledgeable about agriculture and its benefits.

The group encourages anyone to join, regardless of their background, she said.

“Our biggest value is inclusivity,” Fahleson said. “I was not raised with an agricultural background and that is not what we are looking for. Many groups require you to have prior knowledge or experience, but anyone who wants to join our group is welcome.”

Organization officers are Allison Coghan, an agricultural business major from Apex, N.C., vice president; Jaylyn Westenbroek, an agricultural business major from Fredrick, Colo., secretary; Walker Billings, a rangeland ecology and watershed management major from Sheridan, treasurer; and Braidyn Bristow, an agricultural business major from Erie, Colo., social media chair.

Contact Fahleson at for more information about the group and future meetings.

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