Ag community, county emergency collaboration advantageous to both

One reality has surfaced strongly in 25 years of responding to rural disasters and emergencies.

County emergency managers do not know what agriculture producers know intuitively about livestock, crops, resources and capability in rural areas.

All that really matters when a disaster happens is that emergency managers understand the capabilities of producers and have a set of known contacts with which to interface. Emergency managers can bring in coordination and state and federal assistance.

Agriculture producers traditionally respond by “neighboring,” which indicates we help each other through challenging times. When incidents exceed our ability to support each other effectively, we need a connection to the official response system. Granted, often we can function faster and more effectively than government entities, but sometimes we need to have that relationship.

The most effective way to mitigate rural risk is to develop a relationship with your county emergency manager and share your expertise, knowledge, and contact information. Want official access through roadblocks? Working with the county emergency management system can make that happen.

County emergency managers benefit greatly from local landscape knowledge, rural networks, country resources, and guidance on priorities. Producers benefit by being able to help shape the same operational priorities. Building a plan that generically addresses wildfires, blizzards, floods, tornadoes, disease outbreak, and other issues also can help access funds to enhance emergency equipment.

Don’t know who your county emergency manager is? See the list, below – stop by and visit with yours – your industry may depend on it!

County, county emergency manager, contact information

  • Albany County – Aimee Binning, 307-721-1815,
  • Big Horn County – LaRae Dobbs, 307-548-2516,
  • Campbell County – David King, 307-686-7477,
  • Carbon County – Ron Brown, 307-326-5715,
  • Converse County – Russel Dalgarn, 307-358-6880,
  • Crook County – Edward Robinson, 307-283-2390,
  • Fremont County – Kathi Metzler, 307- 856-2374,
  • Goshen County – Shelly Kirchhefer, 307-532-7039,
  • Hot Springs County – William Gordon, 307-864-4649,
  • Johnson County – Marilyn Connolly, 307-684-2761,
  • Laramie County – Jeanine West, 307-633-4333,
  • Lincoln County – Jay Hokanson, 307-877-2126,
  • Natrona County – Stacia Hill, 307-235-9289,
  • Niobrara County – James Santistevan, 307-340-0893,
  • Park County – Jack Tatum, 307-527-1860,
  • Platte County – Terry Stevenson, 307-322-1356,
  • Sheridan County – Bruce Edwards, 307-675-2569,
  • Sublette County – Jim Mitchell, 307-367-2284,
  • Sweetwater County – Judy Roderick, 307-922-5370,
  • Teton County – Rich Ochs, 307-733-9572,
  • Uinta County – Kim West, 307-783-0327,
  • Washakie County – Kami Neighbors, 307-347-3331,
  • Weston County – Gilbert Nelson, 307-746-4315,
  • Eastern Shoshone – Vernon Hill, 307-335-8367,
  • Northern Arapaho – Harvey Spoonhunter, 307-332-5318,

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