UW Extension Welcomes Joshua Bliss as Natrona County 4-H Educator

The University of Wyoming Extension welcomes Joshua Bliss as the Natrona County 4-H youth development educator.

Bliss first engaged with the Natrona County 4-H program as a member, later taking on the roles of intern, volunteer, fishing and outdoor recreation leader, fair coordinator, and 4-H Foundation member.

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Joshua Bliss

His new position aligns well with his lifelong passion for 4-H and commitment to serving his home community.

“I am flattered to be an educator in the county that I have loved from the time I was a kid and now as an adult,” Bliss says. “Working in this role is a continuation of my desire to be a part of the positive youth development in Natrona County 4-H.”

He assumed his role as educator on March 31.

“We are absolutely thrilled Josh is joining our 4-H youth development team. He brings both county experience and innovative ideas to expand youth development offerings in Natrona County,” says Mandy Marney, senior associate director of UW Extension.

Bliss earned an associate’s degree in agricultural communication from Casper College and a B.A. in human communication from the University of Wyoming. He later completed an associate’s degree in world languages with a Spanish focus from Casper College.

Alongside his studies and work, Bliss has consistently sought opportunities to serve his community as a volunteer. In addition to his contributions to the 4-H program, he has volunteered as an English as a second language tutor, Mimi’s House Board member, and food pantry distribution helper.

In recognition of his ethic of service, Bliss received the United Way Volunteer award in 2020. “I believe in volunteering because we give time back to the community that is sustaining us,” he explains. “As a 4-H educator, I will encourage today’s youth to be a central force for the community.”

He looks forward to developing programming in the areas of youth leadership, outdoor recreation, family development, junior business development, and Juntos 4-H, as well as livestock and fair projects.

Bliss can be reached at jbliss2@uwyo.edu or (307) 235-9400.

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