Girl in field

Be Present

From personal experience, it can be easy to lose sight of what drives the basis of your actions. With the world relentlessly changing, it can be overwhelming to construct a to-do list, much less give your full attention to every obligation. Taking a few minutes to remove yourself from the world is essential to evaluate your goals and how you can reach them. One of the mottos I have recently come to live by is “be present.”

Girl in field
McKenzi Davison, Ag Ambassador.

No matter where you are or what your energy is invested in at that time, be present there. Engulf yourself in the action. Stay focused on what you are doing and why for the duration of that job. Whether it’s completing a paper or hanging out with friends, be mentally invested in that moment. Time spent with your mind scattered about obligations wears holes in your motivation to produce less than your best work. Be present in the moment you’re in with an understanding of what your long-term goals are. Of course, being present doesn’t mean you neglect to plan ahead but rather see your obligations as opportunities to expand your knowledge. It’s so easy to continually look ahead at what’s next that opportunities of the here and now can be overlooked. Look for the silver lining in the not-so-fun jobs with appreciation that it will help you in the long term, even if you aren’t sure how. When you are feeling overwhelmed be present in your time, actions, and motivation to realign yourself with your goals and how to achieve them.

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