Dean Barbara Rasco visits with person.

Rasco begins as dean of College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Barbara Rasco began today, Friday, June 28, as dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

She was formerly director of the joint Washington State University/University of Idaho School of Food Science. Rasco is a food scientist, engineer and attorney internationally recognized for her expertise in food safety, processing and regulation.

The UW Board of Trustees approved her appointment following a nationwide search involving constituents and stakeholders across the state.

Dean Barbara Rasco visits with person.
Dean Barbara Rasco during her first day at the college.

Rasco said she is excited to work with the faculty and staff members and students of the college, as well as Wyoming’s cornerstone agriculture industry, to support the state’s traditional animal and crop production and drive diversification to strengthen Wyoming’s economy.

“I am excited to join the University of Wyoming and to share the optimism, curiosity and unshakeable determination for which the students, faculty and staff are known,” Rasco said. “I look forward to working with these talented individuals to build the next generation of future leaders in agriculture, human science and natural resource management.”

Rasco said the shared vision is to improve the quality of life for people in Wyoming and the global community by living the land-grant mission and integrating quality education, innovative research and impactful outreach programs to provide innovative solutions for some of the most pressing needs facing the people of Wyoming, nation and world.

Rasco had served since 2014 at the Washington State University/University of Idaho School of Food Science, where she was a professor since 1998. From 1983-1998, she was a professor in the Institute of Food Science and Technology and assistant director of the Division of Aquaculture and Food Science in the University of Washington’s College of Ocean and Fisheries Sciences.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania (1979), a Ph.D. in food science and nutrition from the University of Massachusetts (1983) and a law degree from Seattle University in 1995 and is licensed to practice in Washington state and federal court, where she specializes in matters related to food and agriculture.

Rasco also has private-sector experience as a biochemical engineer and a food scientist, providing assistance to hundreds of companies in the United States through outreach activities and extension programming.

Rasco’s research has focused on food quality and safety, process design and product development. She has developed analytical methods to predict the safety and quality of food using spectroscopic, nanomaterial and microfluidic systems.

In addition to working extensively with the agricultural and food sectors in specialty crops and other operations, she has provided technical and legal assistance to small and medium enterprises in 37 countries to improve food security, economic development and public health.


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