Laramie Research and Extension Center to Host Ram Test Field Day April 1

The University of Wyoming’s annual ram test will conclude with a field day at the Laramie Research and Extension Center (LREC) Saturday, April 1.

This year’s test is the largest yet, with 142 rams from five states delivered to LREC in the fall, reports LREC Sheep Unit Manager Kalli Koepke.

black and white photo of a sheep with curled horns standing beside a fence in a pen
UW Rambouillet ram at the Laramie Research and Extension Center. Photo by Lindsay Conley-Stewart.

The five-month test evaluates rams on average daily gain, wool quality, carcass data, visual scores and more. The goal is to provide sheep producers with reliable data that will help improve the genetics of their flocks.

Test results are presented at the upcoming field day, which is free and open to the public. “It is a great place to see top rams,” says Koepke. “They’re never going to look better—they’ve been on full feed for five months—and you get all the data right there.”

Educational programming, led by UW Extension Sheep Specialist Whit Stewart, begins at 9:30 a.m. and concludes at 11:30. Topics include genomic selection technology used for ram testing, new sheep production technology, the current costs of ram production, updates on bent leg genomic research, and an overview of this year’s ram test data.

Lunch, provided by the UW Food Science Club and Meat Science group, begins at noon. Students and producers are encouraged to network during the meal.

Ram evaluation and a silent auction will take place from 1:30-2:30 p.m.

“In short, this is a unique learning event that captures our extension, research, and teaching efforts at the UWyo sheep program,” says Stewart. “A huge effort goes into this program, so it’s rewarding to culminate with this event.”

For more information, contact Koepke at or (719) 314-6571.

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