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Wyoming Ranch Camp 2022

The Wyoming Ranch Camp is May 23-27, 2022, at the Queen Mountain Lodge on the Broadbent Ranch near Evanston. The Wyoming Ranch Camp is a hands-on ranch management seminar for recent high school graduates and college students. Participants will learn ranch management through a 5-day camp covering plant science & ecology, soil science, animal science, economics, ranch recreation and range management.

Tools for Managing in Today’s Challenging Conditions

Ranchers face many challenges to operating a sustainable ranch. Wyoming’s climate creates unique challenges and necessitates that a ranch manager be extremely competent in managing range and pasture resources. Limited access to markets also increases the amount of management skill and commitment needed from a Wyoming rancher. Finally, land prices and values, make it difficult to get started in ranching and also can reduce the margin for error as arancher. It is imperative that young producers be given opportunities to hone and practice their skills to better prepare them for these challenges. 

Wyoming Ranch Camp Outline

  • Day 1 Economics. Participants will learn the basics of a ranch business plan, economic tools for analyzing ranch decisions, and incorporation of risk management into a ranch business plan.
  • Day 2 Broadbent Ranch Tour and Ranch Diversification. Participants will learn the benefits of ranch diversification and the importance of managing people not cows.
  • Day 3 Plant, Soil, and Range Science. Participants will learn how to manage pastures and rangelands for long-term sustainability and calculate and manage stocking rates and grazing timing.
  • Day 4 Animal Science. Participants will learn key considerations in managing herd genetics, nutrition, and health.
  • Day 5 Ranch Plan Day. Teams of participants will work all week on developing a ranch plan for the host example ranch during the classes and in the evenings. On day 5 each team will present their plan to a panel of Extension personnel and seasoned successful ranchers. 

How to apply

For an application email Hudson Hill,, or Chance Marshall, Class is limited to 20 students. Scholarships for the $200 registration fee are available. Scholarships awarded based on the application statement and the order in which they are received.

Partners and Industry Collaboration

Wyoming Ranch Camp is seeking partners and industry collaboration. If you are willing to sponsor a meal for the camp, provide a student scholarship ($200), or would like to host a future Wyoming Ranch Camp at your ranch, please contact: Hudson Hill, or 307-885-3132, or Chance Marshall, or 307-332-2363.

This program is partially funded by the John P. Ellbogen Foundation.

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