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UW Extension offers online training for new commercial pesticide applicator licenses


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UW Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program coordinator Jeff Edwards

Training for those seeking new commercial pesticide applicator licenses is being offered online by the University of Wyoming Extension in December.

The Zoom training is Tuesday, Dec. 7-Friday, Dec. 10, said Jeff Edwards, UW Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program coordinator.

New commercial pesticide applicators are not required to participate in a new applicator education program.

“However, we understand that we all have different learning styles, and some may find the information a useful review of the training manuals prior to taking your exams,” said Edwards. The program items will be offered in up to four, four-hour blocks on consecutive days.

Classes start at 8 a.m. The program is:

Tuesday, Dec. 7 — Core Manual Review (1-8); Worker Protection Standard.

Wednesday, Dec. 8 — Weed Biology, ID, Herbicide Mode of Action; (Review of topics from Categories 901A, B, & C and 903 A, B, & C).

Thursday, Dec. 9 — Insect Biology, ID, Insecticide Mode of Action; Plant disease and control.

Friday, Dec. 10 — Calibration.

Edwards said the final schedule may vary and that the Zoom link will be sent by Wednesday, Dec. 1.

PDFs of all manuals are available at

“We highly encourage you to read all manuals pertaining to the category in which you plan on taking exams,” said Edwards. “Your rate of passing will significantly increase if you read the training manuals.”

Applicants must pass the CORE and at least one other category exam with a minimum of 70 percent to be issued a license, he said.

For more information, call Edwards at 307-837-2956 or email

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