Peers honor southeastern Wyoming extension educator

Strong leadership, programming, work ethic and commitment to clients has earned a southeastern extension educator in agriculture and horticulture the Wyoming Association of County Agriculture Agent’s Outstanding Educator award.

Man smiling for portrait
Brian Sebade, southeastern extension educator in agriculture and horticulture.

Brian Sebade, based in Albany County, has been working with UW Extension since 2011. He provides leadership and educational programming for range management, plant identification, fruit trees, vegetable production, season extension, small acreage management, ATV safety, native plants and more.

“No matter what initiative team, county office, or programming focus, Brian seamlessly serves his clientele,” said Jeremiah Vardiman, agriculture and horticulture extension educator based in Park County.

Sebade has served as county coordinator in two different counties and is the team chair for the agriculture and horticulture initiative team in extension and co-editor of the Barnyards & Backyards magazine.

“Saying he is ambitious is definitely an understatement,” said Mary Louise Wood, Albany County extension 4-H/youth educator. “He can be quite detail-oriented and looks at the big picture, not just the task at hand.”

Sebade took on the ATV safety program, Wyoming Good Riding Practices (WyGRIP), in 2017 to help reduce the number of accidents within the state. He maintained an active role in providing 10 programs in two states for 737 participants.

He also took initiative to develop programming for the emerald ash borer, a newly developing pest, shared Vardiman. The emerald ash borer, while found in Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota, has not yet been detected in Wyoming.

Sebade works well with age groups across generations, helping youths in 4-H, young producers and retired gardeners, shared Wood.

“Mr. Sebade fits right in with young adults, middle-aged and senior citizens,” said Wood. “His people skills are to be envied.”

He may be known for his laid-back personality and ability to provide a comical quote to lighten the mood, but he is a powerful force within UW Extension, shared Vardiman.

“He is not the most vocal or loudest voice in the room, but when he speaks, everyone listens. His focus is concentrated on the greater good,” said Vardiman.

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