UW College of Ag Celebrates Outstanding Faculty, Staff

The University of Wyoming College of Agriculture, Life Sciences and Natural Resources (CALSNR) recently recognized outstanding educators and staff members at an annual awards banquet Thursday, April 25.

“We have much to be proud of in the College of Agriculture, Life Sciences, and Natural Resources,” says Kelly Crane, interim dean of the college. “Our spring awards ceremony is a reminder that CALSNR is comprised of many truly remarkable individuals who make our college great through their hard work, innovation, and personal sacrifice.”

Outstanding staff promote a positive attitude

Kelly Wiseman was one of two staff members recognized for her outstanding contributions to the college.

A woman with light skin, wavy silver chin-length hair, wearing a yellow sweater and scarf.
Kelly Wiseman, one of the winners of the Outstanding Staff Award.

As the coordinator of college affairs, Wiseman is involved in a wide variety of activities, from running committees to writing annual evaluations. She has worked in the college for 15 years.

“One of Kelly’s most remarkable qualities is her genuine care and support for both students and colleagues alike,” says Pepper Jo Six, director of external relations for CALSNR. “Her positive attitude and enthusiasm for her work are contagious, creating a motivating and inclusive atmosphere that brings out the best in everyone around her.”

Steven DeVries was also recognized as an outstanding staff member. DeVries has been working as a master technician at the Red Buttes Environmental Biology Laboratory for 20 years. As the only staff member at the Red Buttes lab, DeVries has many responsibilities, but he still finds time to support students and faculty.

“Because Steve has cultivated great working relations with physical plant employees and other entities on- and off-campus, he is incredibly successful in working with these folks to get these projects done in a timely manner,” says Scott Seville, head of the Department of Zoology and Physiology.

Seville honored with lifetime teaching award

The Andrew Vanvig Lifetime Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award is given to a senior faculty member of CALSNR who has achieved exceptional accomplishments in teaching, research, scholarship, outreach, or service.

Three white men in formal wear. On the left, a man with a white beard wearing a cowboy hat and bowler. In the middle, a shorter man holding a plaque with cropped hair and a goatee. On the right, a man with short gray hair and a handlebar mustache wearing wire rim glasses.
From left to right, provost Kevin Carman, Scott Seville, winner of the Andrew Vanvig Lifetime Achievement Award, and Kelly Crane, interim dean of CALSNR.

Scott Seville is this year’s recipient of the Vanvig Award. “Scott certainly embodies the spirit of this award,” says Crane. “He is highly regarded by his colleagues, students, and collaborators for his sustained productivity, thoughtful insights, and unquestionable commitment to advancing science.”

In addition to his role as department head of the Department of Zoology and Physiology, Seville’s others roles include director and principal investigator of the NIH-funded Wyoming IDeA Networks for Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) and member of the UW Division of Research and Economic Development Advisory Committee.

Seville has published more than 60 peer-reviewed publications and has worked with community colleges across the state to give more students access to biomedical research opportunities. Nominators comment on his competence and commitment.

Outstanding educators inspire students

Four CALSNR educators, including three on-campus faculty members and a Park County Extension educator, received the Outstanding Educator Award this year.

Five people holding plaques.
From left to right, Sarah Lee, Chris North, Amy Navratil, Mary Louise Wood, winners of the Outstanding Educator Award, and Christine Wade, associate dean of academic and student programs.

Sarah Lee, assistant professor of family and consumer sciences, offers students unique opportunities to gain practical experience and goes above and beyond in supporting students.

“Sarah is highly adept at building rapport and community among students in the classroom and the online environment,” says Jill Keith, head of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences. “Many of Sarah’s students also comment on her compassion, empathy, caring attitude, and ability to make them feel seen, supported, and appreciated, as well as challenging them to learn to their full capacity.”

Chris North, instructional professor in the Department of Botany, is an organized, innovative, and dedicated faculty member. North is the associate director of the Life Sciences Program and the laboratory coordinator for LIFE 1010 General Biology, a required prerequisite for many degree programs.

“Because of the extent of the impact of LIFE 1010 across hundreds of students and dozens of degree programs each semester, I suspect that few, if any, other members of our campus community have had a more broadly beneficial impact than Chris North,” says Jonathan Prather, director of the Life Sciences Program.

Amy Navratil, associate professor in the Department of Zoology and Physiology, continually explores new ways to improve her own teaching style and holds students to a high standard. “As an instructor Amy is engaging, articulate and challenging,” says Scott Seville, head of the Department of Zoology and Physiology. “Her commitment to the physiology program, the students, and to high quality teaching and learning is unmatched.”

Off campus, Mary Louise Wood, 4-H and youth development educator for Park County Extension, has created innovative programs to engage 4-H youth and meet developmental goals, based on her deep understanding of the unique needs of her community and the populations within it.

“Mary Louise embodies positive youth development, and we are so thrilled that she has been recognized for her amazing 4-H Youth Development educational programming,” says Mandy Marney, director of UW Extension.

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