UW graduate students take poster competition top honors

Two Ph.D. students in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Wyoming placed first and second in poster competition at the virtual Western Nutrient Management Conference this month.

Hannah Rodgers in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management placed first, and Liz Moore in the Department of Plant Sciences took second.

Rodgers’ poster was “Effects of Semiarid Wheat Agriculture on Soil Microbial Properties: A Review,” which analyzed soil microbes in semiarid wheat fields to determine if and how soil microbial properties reliably respond to management and how these properties may indicate changes in soil health and promote carbon sequestration.

Moore’s poster was  “Cover Crop Suitability for High Altitude Specialty Crop Organic Food Production” evaluating how cover crop monocultures and mixtures might help organic producers overcome high elevation, low precipitation and short growing seasons.

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