Finding your passion at the University of Wyoming

Photograph of student
Sierra Shelit

Having a passion provides you with a reason to continue learning, a meaning, a purpose, and excitement. To me, passion is the driving force behind triumph and happiness that allows us to live greater lives. Depending on what phase of life you’re in, you may or may not have a clear idea of your passion. For some, finding a passion is easy, but for others it proves to be a difficult challenge. Regardless, finding and developing your passion is essential.

Before you begin to wonder what your passion is, you must remember one thing first: a passion cannot be found in your head, because it lives in your heart. Your passion should be something that you love to do. Something that you put your entire heart into because it makes you happy. Oprah said it best; “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” By pursuing your passions, you allow yourself to delve deeper into something that’s bigger than yourself.

To find your passion, you must recognize what you’re interested in and take action to pursue it. I have a few tips to keep in mind when you are trying to find your passion: Start now, listen to yourself, and continue to adapt. It may be daunting in the beginning but start anywhere. Start experimenting with the things that bring you the most joy. Remember to always listen to yourself, your heart, and your calling in life. Life may change and parts of your passion may, too, but always adapt to the changes.

Personally, coming to the University of Wyoming helped me to find my passion. Being involved in Ag Ambassadors, the Pre-Vet Club, and working at the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory, I have been able to find and fuel my passion every day. There are so many unique opportunities and options to become involved in the university, and within the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, that will help you discover your passion. Maybe you will find your passion in lecture, in research, in an RSO, in a Freshman Interest Group, or in a job opportunity. Maybe you have already found your passion and will continue to fuel it through the University of Wyoming. Whatever your situation may be, don’t forget to find and enjoy your passion in life.

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