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‘Promoting Pollinators On Your Place: A Wyoming Guide’ now available

The team that produces Barnyards & Backyards magazine also produces longer, more in‑depth publications. The new publication “Promoting Pollinators On Your Place: A Wyoming Guide” is one of these.

This guide is available at University of Wyoming Extension county offices and select conservation district, Wyoming State Forestry Division, and weed and pest control district offices. Hard copies are limited, so contact local offices to see if available. An electronic version of the publication (and additional pollinator resources) is at bit.ly/wypollinators.

The guide provides information on various pollinators in Wyoming, their life cycles, and ways to promote their well-being. Promoting crop pollination with pollinators is also covered. The guide includes an introduction to beekeeping in Wyoming.

Also available at the link are online-only, additional appendices providing more pictures of bees and butterflies, further information on hardy flowers for pollinators, and an example pollinator seed mix for larger pollinator plantings.

  Visit www.uwyo.edu/barnbackyard/index.html for more useful information on a wide variety of topics.

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Asclepias Incarnata
Bushy magneta flowers.

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